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Relax your nerves with humor before exams

Solve the following riddles and do the last only if you are a genius:

1. Anish got caught shoplifting at a supermarket. But Anish's mother made him disappear. How did she make Anish disappear?

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2. Raashid promised his mother he will not play video games on days that start with T. However, he ended up playing video games every single day. When he was confronted he said "I am keeping my promise". His mother was shocked when she realized he was telling the truth. How did this happen?

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3. Below is a sentence which you must read very fast by reading the first word and skipping the next word and following the same pattern until the end. Geniuses can do it very fast.

"Eye ghee yam juice a fruit don room key"

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1. She added a 'V' in front of Anish and made him "vanish" 

2. The 'T's he referred to was "Tuesday, Thursday, Today and Tomorrow

3. "Welcome". Your picture has been displayed below:

Hope you had a good laugh.

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